Bluehost Coupon Code - 67% Discount Code For Huge Savings

Bluehost Coupon Code - 67% OFF

Bluehost hosting currently hosts around 1.6 million domains. This whooping number suggests that Bluehost very well knows how to acquire customers through their plans and freebies. But do they offer reliable services and efficient customer care to retain their customers.
Bluehost Hosting Features:

Bluehost hosting believes in complete customer satisfaction. This is why, they offer everything unlimited.
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Network Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain Names
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited mail accounts with web mail, Mail forwarding, alias, POP3, IMAP and mailing lists.
For complete customer satisfaction, they offer a cPanel, that is, a control panel through which customers can manage their websites from anywhere at any time.  
For any customer the most important requirement in any hosting plan is the development and marketing tools, to help him develop and maintain anything from a blog to an eCommerce website.

The freebies offered with Bluehost coupon are –
  • $75 Google adwords and $50 Yahoo credits.
  • Support for almost all web development platforms like Python, PHP, Ruby On Rails, Wordpress, Zencart, Joomla, Prestashop, Roundcube, Drupal etc.
  • Website statistic tools like Webalizer and Awstats, to keep track of the traffic on the website.
  • SEO support and analysis tools.

Bluehost hosting plans:

Bluehost offers just one hosting plan known as Bluehost Platinum Pack Plan. This plan contains all the essential features for all customer requirements. This one plan for all strategy may give an intuition that this plan only supports small projects and is not for the bigger ones. But, that is absolutely not true, with the unlimited concept of storage, bandwidth, domains etc. Bluehost has been able to successfully cater to all project sizes. With the unlimited file transfer and email domains, it is useful for medium sized businesses.

At a cost as low as $4.95/mo. with this bluehost coupon, Bluehost hosting provides features and services that are well ahead of its competition. For advanced features like data back-up, private SSL and dedicated IP Address, users may buy a pro package at a small annual fee.
Bluehost Hosting Benefits:
• Worth the deal

Bluehost supports almost every development platform from PHP to ZenCart. Hence, any type of website from a personal blog to an eCommerce website can be hosted with Bluehost hosting. Unlimited domain names facilitate customers to make multiple uses of a single plan. Unlimited storage and network bandwidth helps in handling heavy traffic on the website. Unlimited database, email and file transfer is an essential necessity these days for any website for proper marketing, to stay ahead of its’ competition. Besides, all these, there are some essential freebies offered by Bluehost for complete customer satisfaction like Google Adwords credists and web stats tools like Webalizer. All this is available at an amount as low as $4.95/mo with discounted price after activation of Bluehost coupon. Bluehost hosting provides all these services and features with an unbelievable uptime of 99.9%. Hence Bluehost hosting is worth the deal for sure.         
•  Technical robustness

Bluehost hosting has established itself as a paragon of reliance in the last two decades. It has been able to do so with the help of its technical edge over its competitors. While most of the other hosting providers depend on third party vendors for storage and back-up servers, Bluehost hosting has its own redundant servers at 3 data centers located at Orem, Utah. Hence, Bluehost has a complete control over its performance and maybe this is the reason behind its flawless performance with 99.9% uptime. This technical robustness is the prime reason behind 1.6 million domains that Bluehost proudly hosts.
•  Customer Satisfaction

The Bluehost hosting plan includes a free control panel known as cPanel. The cPanel is a great respite for the users who are not much computer friendly. The cPanel helps the users to take complete grip of their websites, handling myriad of domains, mail and file transfer accounts with just one account. The procedure to signup for cPanel is a child's play without any unnecessary formalities. Bluehost hosting supports almost all development platforms like Wordpress and Joomla. The users even if they are not computer geeks can install these packages for free and can develop their websites from the scratch with the help of Bluehost customer support staff. With Bluehost coupon code, many other add-ons required by the users are also available with the Bluehost hosting package and can be bought at a nominal annual fee.

Besides these Bluehost Hosting provides some essential marketing tools like Yahoo and Google Adwords credits, helping the customers to make the most out of their website. The inbuilt stats tools like Awstats and Webalizer are essential for any customer to keep track of the traffic on his website. Don't you find this bluehost coupon code deal worth to catch with such features which only a #1 web hosting company can provide.

Bluehost hosting aims for complete customer experience with all the services and features it offers in its hosting plans. Bluehost hosting has a passion for customer satisfaction. This is the main reason why it offers a 24/7 customer assistance with phone, email and chat support. The customer support staff is more than happy to help their customers in every situation from installing wordpress to data recovery in case of site throttling.

End of Line:
We started this review to explore the pros and cons of Bluehost hosting, so as to find its position among the competition. Bluehost hosting has some considerable advantages over its competition like unlimited domains, unlimited storage space, unlimited network bandwidth along with a lot of freebies with 67% Off Bluehost coupon. But, the real edge of Bluehost hosting is the trust worthiness of storage and backup servers with a breathtaking uptime of 99.9%. Last but not the least, the outstanding customers support helps the Bluehost hosting to win the race and make it the winner. So, the end of line statement of this review is that Yes, Bluehost hosting is really the best among all.

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We are providing Bluehost coupon code here as we are affiliate of Bluehost hosting. We receive compensation from Bluehost for the referrals, but this does not influence our ratings and review. The reviews mentioned here are honest and based on our personal experience with Bluehost.

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